Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

Here's a funny fact. I never knew what Cinco de Mayo meant until today. When I used the dictionary lol.

It means......... HAPPY FIFTH OF MAY! Ok so the Mexicans have their fifth of july and the Americans have their fourth of july. And the Malaysians have their thirty first of august? Nah, doesn't sound cool... ppfffttt..

Havent been blogging cause... actually I don't really know why. Some stuff has just been bugging me lately. Well, not every 19 year old gets her entire life on the net hacked 3 days after she breaks up with her first boyfriend who's a computer expert who promises her to get her accounts back up and running 3 weeks ago and still-isn't-completed-yet and the most ironic thing of it all is that she doesn't know who this hacker is but the hacker is hacking her because she thinks her boyfriend is after this really forlorn, unpopular, not beautiful nor smart nor possess an amazing body girl. And I don't know who the eff her boyfriend is. Either that, or the whole thing was just a conspiracy.

Ok, time to stop feeling sad for myself. I'm a strong girl right? So, I can forget, we'll move on, I won't die. :)

Anyway, my favourite games on Facebook! Yes~~
1. Pet Society (loved it since day one and forever will, how can you resist the cute outfits yo!?)
2. Sorority Life(one word, outfits. nuff said)
3. Restaurant City (new addiction, no idea why also =/)
4. ...... **slot left empty for upcoming game developers to catch my attention :)

Anyway, I managed to capture this funny screenshot from Restaurant City. WHY IS MY CLEANER CLEANING ASSES??!! ROTFL! pervert much xD

clicky click :)

Lastly before I leave. CINCO DE MAYO OUTFITS :) Isn't that the whole point anyway with my title up there

Cinco De Mayo Party Outfit - 19BP
Tried it with that over-purchased crown & blonde hair

Mexican Sombrero - 19BP

Me likes the hat!!! No BP :(

I'm going to college tomorrowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..... I NEED A JOB T__T


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