Thursday, June 04, 2009

By2: PP & You Say, I Say

By2 - You Say I Say

super hard to find this song. in audi they call it You Say I Say but this song was found on youtube in chinese characters lol. so much for being a banana. in chinese we usually keep it simple and say it as "ni jiang, wo jiang" but i cant hear it in any part of the lyrics =X

By2 - PP

the song is not bad, i quite enjoy it. just don't look at the video if it weirds you out. my sis would call this typical chinese act cute(no its not racist, more like stereotype which is sort of true, and im also chinese but i don't have the 'act cute' face lol). However, their dance moves still can't beat the koreans :)

oh btw watch the 2nd video and notice at 2.29 that something really weird and out of place happens lol, my friend also laughed xD
oh and i love the move at 2.50-3.00 ^_^


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