Wednesday, June 17, 2009

101's post

I didn't realise that I've already reached my 100th post, well 101'st technically.

Anyway, the funniest thing happened today. I was at the library with my friend cause' she wanted to renew her book and when we wanted to leave, the library had this regulation thingy to check our books and bag before we could step out. Anyway the old dude at the counter was like so serious, like seriously. and here we were, me & my friend, grinning like nobody's business. =X

And the weirdest thing was that as I was leaving, the dude gives me this copy of a business-y slash malay magazine and i was like "err..?" and smiled and say thank you(what else could I have done?)

and on the way down, i tripped at the freaking last step! stupid much.

i want to go shopping
i want more money!(my margin of safety per month is very small)
i need my econs bookie as well as my management book pronto!
i want to have wednesday IT lab classes instead of stupid friday 1.5 hour classes
i want stupid locals and foreigners to stop staring at me continuously at the bus stop (and other places)
i want certain guys in college to stop staring and ogling me(i said certain) when im in the library doing my work!!
and i want a man bold enough to talk to a woman who's more fierce than him knowing that she had the very potential that she is a modern woman in the making, and knowingly respects women!


plus, i also found a super cool six word story today. I mean its not cool cool, just cool la, you know

"Checklist: Wine. Candles. Roses. Music. Rohypnol." - —Amit Kapoor
**Rohypnol is a Date-Rape Drug

like wtf right? i know xD


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